What is a TOT certificate?

Training of Trainers course targets newcomer trainers who wish to work internationally and focuses on all areas of the ETS Trainers Competency Model.

The main objective is to train trainers who are motivated to participate in the continuous improvement of the quality of projects under the program.

Core competencies as an education Trainer

Within the Training of Trainers “TOT” course, participants have the opportunity to develop their competencies as trainers. In line with the European Training Strategy, ToT considers the following competencies essential when working as a non-formal education trainer:

  • More understanding of individual and group learning processes.
  • Design educational programs.
  • Direct Personal Learning (Learning to Learn)
  • Co-operate successfully in teams
  • Communicate purposefully with others
  • intercultural competence
  • civically engagement

Participants enter the Train-of-Trainer course from various levels of prior experience and bring with them a range of competencies – thus, their learning needs vary. The didactic approach applied in the TOT course aims to allow identification and follow-up of these different learning needs.

At the core of the process is the participant’s competence to guide his/her learning. The group as a source of peer learning and trainers as facilitators of these learning processes are fundamental pillars of this approach.


  • People who work as trainers are often put into difficult situations without much understanding of what training is or how to do it well to the fullest.
  • We know that being a good trainer is the result of developing your own skills to present information to an audience.
  • This information will then engage, empower, and support your continued learning and development.
  • This program will give you the skills you need so that participants not only learn, but also enjoy the process, retain shared information, and use their new skills in the workplace.
  • The Train of the Trainer Program is an exceptionally effective program, where you can enjoy and experience what you learn.
  • This program will take you on an interesting journey where you can identify modern and effective ways to deliver training with the aim of maximizing the electronic effectiveness of your message through 100% guaranteed interactive methods.
  • This course will focus on the principles of adult learning “Andragogy and group learning management, passing through some advanced presentation tips, visual aid development and program design”.
  • The program focuses on real-time application to develop professionalism in all aspects of training design and delivery, and you will benefit from a systematic process that will enable you to gain hands-on experience.
  • Demonstrate and prove your ability by offering live training of your design in a group of live audience, reflecting all the learning created during the program.


Upon successful completion of this professional training program, participants will be able to:

  • Verifying their own current capabilities in designing and delivering training.
  • Developing the skills required to assess the training audience and the environment.
  • Gain the skills to create an engaging learning environment.
  • Conducting a training needs analysis.
  • Define measurable training objectives.
  • Identify classroom challenges and implement the most effective solutions.
  • Develop mastery in training design through global models such as ADDIE, SAM1 and SAM2.
  • Demonstrate mastery in preparing and delivering training courses using best practice techniques.
  • Develop the ability to present face-to-face training and online learning.
  • Use effective audio-visual aids for successful training
  • Use assessment tools and first-class post-evaluation models such as the Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation Model.
  • Ensure that basic learning is implemented on the job.


These following reasons will make your decision easier to choose Optimus to take your TOT course from:

  • Learn real practical examples.
  • You will be able to assess your progress.
  • Proven records of successful results.
  • Expanding your connections and Training opportunities.
  • TOT Graduates Ready to Get Started and join the training field.
  • TOT Provided by a real professional trainer.
  • pre and post evaluation.
  • Join the TOT network.
  • Accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai.
  • Graduates of the program will have opportunities to work in the field of training.
  • Recommendations for trainees can be put with best performance.


Now, you can get your certification from Optimus in TOT Program accredited from ATHE & QUALIFI within just 48 training hours. And make a big change in your own career.

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