Healthcare Management Certificate

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This course is not just for entrepreneurs or those who join startups in the Health Tech space. It is also for those inventing new products and services within medium and large healthcare companies looking to embrace the transformative power of AI-wearables and machine learning.

Consist of 5 modules.


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Course Content

Module 1: Developing Org Vision and Strategic Direction
To enable learners to improve their knowledge and understanding of how organisations develop vision and strategic direction. The unit may be of particular interest for learners aiming for leadership roles in either private or public sector organisations. <br> <br> <b>Learning Outcomes</b> <br> The learner will:<br> 1. Understand how to develop an organisational vision and strategic direction.<br> 2. Understand how to communicate the vision and strategic direction to stakeholders.<br> 3. Understand how to implement organisational vision and strategic direction.

Module 2: Strategic Financial Management
The learners will develop knowledge, understanding and skills that will enable them to analyse internal and publicly available financial information. This will help to inform strategic decision making. <br> <br> <b>Learning Outcomes</b> <br> The learner will:<br> 1. Understand the importance of financial data in formulating and delivering business strategy<br> 2. Be able to analyse financial data for an organisation in order to inform strategic decision making purposes<br> 3. Be able to evaluate proposals for strategic decisions on capital expenditure in an organisation

Module 3: Healthcare Policy
The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of international healthcare policy, including the contemporary, political, social and cultural issues that help to determine healthcare policy applicable to the national and international context. <br> <br> <b>Learning Outcomes</b> <br> The learner will:<br> 1. Understand the development of international healthcare policy.<br> 2. Understand the social and cultural aspects of healthcare policy.<br> 3. Understand the nature of healthcare systems across international contexts.<br> 4. Understand the contribution of public and health promotion in the provision of health care services.<br> 5. Understand global contemporary issues in health and social care.

Module 4: Health care – Continuous Improvement
The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of the economic, management and operational complexities of healthcare, healthcare providers and practitioners, and to explore the strategic options available. <br> <br> <b>Learning Outcomes</b> <br> The learner will:<br> 1. Understand aspects of management in the health and social care organisation.<br> 2. Understand external and internal environments for health careorganisations.<br> 3. Be able to develop and evaluate strategic and business plans for health care organisations based on environmental analysis.

Module 5: Managing Quality and Service Delivery
the aim of this cource is to enable learners to develop the knowledge and understanding required to manage and deliver excellent customer service <br> <br> <b>Learning Outcomes</b> <br> The learner will:<br> 1. Understand how to identify and meets stakeholder needs when managing quality and service delivery.<br> 2. Understand how to Manage quality and service delivery.<br> 3. Understand how to embed quality improvement and service delivery.

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