11 reasons Why a PMP important for Your Career

In this article, we’ll tell you 11 reason about why a PMP is very important for your career?



Increase your salary

Makes you a Worldwide Recognized Project Manager

Gives you many advantages than non-PMPs

Improve your leadership quality

Makes you more responsible

improve your problem-solving skills

Achieving the goal of continuous learning

Enhances Risk Management Skills

Being hirable in a lot of job opportunities

A Great value you add to any organization

keeping up with the industry trends


Are you a project manager? So you must have heard about PMP more times and it’s no longer a strange word for you anymore. PMP which known as Project Management Professional is a big proof for others in profession field that its holder has more talents and experience compared to other who didn’t get it.

PMP certification is one of the most prestigious credential among Project Managers in their field. Here we’ll monitor 11 reason to convince you of the importance of PMP certificate.

1) Increase your salary

Project managers are expected to get a salary 23% more than their workmates with their PMP certification According to PMI’s Salary Survey. because of The skills and experience, you have earned through this course truly make you a competitive candidate in the job market.

2) Makes you a Worldwide Recognized Project Manager

By PMP certification you have a license to work anywhere in the world. PMP accredited internationally and recognized by the entire global business community. So it can help you increase your marketability as a project manager regardless of your origin nationality.

3) Gives you many advantages than non-PMPs

As a growing demand of project managers across the industries in last years. PMP Became a golden standard and has a high level of prestige in project management and IT community.

4) Improve your leadership quality

As a project manager, you should be comprehensively aware by your team members and their strength and weakness points in order to fit them together. You also have to be firm with them in determining deadlines and in managing expenses and revenues. And you should be aware of many leadership skills that you will gain from PMP course which makes you the ideal person opposite all employee.

5) Makes you more responsible

A Project Manager have the most authority in the project. For that PMP qualify him for facing all the responsibilities that falls on his shoulders like meeting all the requirements of the stakeholders, see the upcoming requirements, avoid any unnecessary hindrances and coordinate all of communications, team engagements and processes.

6) improve your problem-solving skills

Because you’re the best between others, people will seek to take the advice from you all the time because of the huge experience you gain in project management. For that you’ll be the problem solver and the trusted one in your work. When you take your PMP certificate you’ll take with it a various imaginative & innovative problem-solving techniques & strategies which will ensure the success of the project.

7) Achieving the goal of continuous learning

Since the world is changing rapidly, you need to constantly learn to keep up with these changes. continuous learning is the key to every successful project management.

Gaining PMP certificate will makes you a PMI member which increases your access to professional development opportunities. Being a project manager make you exchange & ascertain more live experience with the organization & people to achieve the success you seek for. with a difference of every project which require different approaches, technology, and skills.

8) Enhances Risk Management Skills

PMP will make you automatically risk calculator and predictive manager of any risks might occur during the project. Being a PMP certified project manager have an advanced risk management skill to be able to identify and assess the potential risks and threats.

9) Being hirable in a lot of job opportunities

By having a PMP certificate, it will help you stand out between competitors and be more hirable among them. You also can Identify new opportunities of most desirable jobs through the important organized meetings being a PMI member. 

10) A Great value you add to any organization

The ability you have in organizing your teams and achieve the necessary results with less effort and resources through what you learned from PMP course makes you a Great value for any organization.

11) keeping up with the industry trends

As advantage of being PMI member. You can benefit from the updated reports that The Project Management Institute provide to it members about the rapidly changing industry.


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